Horrible. St. Mary’s Academy Supports Far Left Teacher Celia Bard in Bringing Students to Storm BlogCon11 With Occupy Denver Goons

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, November 14, 2011, 7:36 PM

On Friday far left teacher-activist brought Celia Bard brought members of her “21st Century: Challenges and Choices” class down to the Occupy Denver squatters camp in downtown Denver. From there the teacher and her 17 year-old girls marched three blocksover to the Crowne Plaza Hotel to disrupt the BlogCon 2011 conservative conference. Ms. Bard said they were learning about “free speech” by joining protesters in violently disrupting the conference.

One protester was arrested by police and at least one incident of physical abuse was caught on tape.

Jeff Goldstein also filmed the 17 year-old girls cussing at conservative bloggers and telling the bloggers that this is what they learn at school.

The school costs $14,000 a year.

Today the Academy President Deirdre Cryor defended the radical teacher and the dangerous field trip on Friday. Sadly, President Cryor was less than honest about the events.
Channel 7 reported:

Bard and another teacher from St. Mary’s Academy in Denver took 10 students on a field trip Friday, explained Academy President Deirdre Cryor.

“We have a class called 21st Century Challenges and Choices,” said Cryor. “They’re studying the current world. They went on a field trip to see Occupy Denver.”

The students walked to Civic Center Park and interviewed police officers, then walked to a nearby hotel to observe Occupy Denver members, said Cryor.

That hotel was hosting a conference called BlogCon 11. There some Occupy Denver members got into a confrontation with some members of the blogging conference.

It was during that confrontation that cameras got turned on the students and their teacher.

In a video posted on YouTube, a woman is seen yelling and one of the students yells, “Yeah.”

At that point, someone off camera starts yelling at the girls and arguing with them about bloggers and what they do.

“The students are in class today talking what happened on Friday,” Cryor said Monday.

In one of the YouTube videos, Bard is asked if she is concerned about the students’ physical safety.

“We’re aware that we need to be safe,” said Bard. “We want them to see the democratic process in action.”

“They were never in harm’s way,” said Cryor. “They did nothing wrong. They were on a field trip, observing not demonstrating. They were learning, inquiring and taking notes.”

Just to be clear – There have been 7 deaths, over 3,000 arrests, several overdoses, sexual abuse, rapes, physical attacks and drug use. And, this is considered a safe place for school girls at St. Mary’s Academy? Outrageous.

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Air Force General blows whistle on Obama, but media deaf

The Examiner A United States Air Force general is blowing the whistle on another alleged White House scandal, but few in the news media seem to be listening. According to General William Shelton, the commanding officer of U.S. Air Force’s space command, he was told to alter his testimony before the House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Strategic Forces regarding an Obama White House attempt to award a defense contract to the Lightsquared firm. Lightsquared is a high-tech company doing business in Virginia that’s owned by billionaire Philip Falcone, an Obama friend and campaign contributor. According to the National Legal and Policy Center, Phil Falcone had visited the White House and made large cash contributions to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Soon after, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted his LightSquared a highly unusual waiver that allows the company to build out a national 4G wireless network on the cheap. Republican lawmakers say that after Falcon’s visit, the Obama White House allegedly tried to push through a Lightsquared’s proposed wireless network regardless of the objections emanating from military commanders who believed the project could disrupt key U.S. satellite systems. At a hearing on Thursday, lawmakers on strategic forces subcommittee, especially the Republican chairman, Michael Turner, requested that the House Oversight Committee investigate if Falcone’s company garnered any type of special treatment from the White House or from Obama appointees. The hearing came after a report by a blogger on a news and commentary web site alleged that the Obama White House pressed General Shelton to downplay his concerns about the proposed Lightsquared system. “Under extremely unusual circumstances, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently granted a company called LightSquared the right to use wireless spectrum to build out a national 4G wireless network. LightSquared will get the spectrum for a song, while its competitors have to spend billions,” according to NLPC’s Ken Boehm. President Obama’s underlings deny any wrongdoing, and officials at Lightsquared denied the charges that it is receiving preferential treatment from President Obama or his staff. Republican staff members on the subcommittee say that the decorated General Shelton told the lawmakers that Obama administration officials urged the general to describe Lightsquared’s system favorably during his congressional testimony. During the hearing, General Shelton told committee members that the wireless broadband network manufactured by Lightsquared would have a negative impact on the current Global Positioning System (GPS) relied on by both the U.S. military and private sector users of the GPS. General Shelton told the committee members: Tests with Defense Department experts, civilian agencies and others “indicate the LightSquared terrestrial network operating in the originally proposed manner poses significant challenges for almost all GPS users.”The general insisted through his spokesperson on Friday that he had not “watered down his testimony due to alleged White House pressure.” According to a source familiar with the Lightsquared probe, many officers at the Pentagon are highly suspicious of the President, the White House staff and even Obama’s appointees at the Defense Department. Another occurrence being probed is that the allegation that Lightsquared at first offered to sell satellite phones on its network, however the Federal Communications Commission allegedly issued a special waiver to the firm thus allowing sell terrestrial-based wireless service to other companies. Department of Defense officials. such as General Shelton, in the past have raised concerns about interference with GPS users, and the FCC would then promise to disallow a firm to begin operating their network until after intense testing is carried out to ensure there is no disruption to satellite navigation. The head of the FCC declined to appear before the committee on Thursday, which the chairman, Turner, called an “affront” to the panel. Meanwhile, Falcone and Lightsquared executives are taking the offensive by giving Obama-friendly journalists at Politico exclusive interviews. LightSquared CEO. Sanjiv Ahuja, and its billionaire backer, Phil Falcone, denied all allegations that the wireless company used its political pull with the Obama administration to secure approval of its business plans with the Defense Department. “It’s just very disappointing that people are not seeing the facts here, and [that] this has become a real political issue,” Falcone, a senior executive at the hedge fund firm Harbinger Capital, said during his Politico interview. “It’s not a function of being a Democrat or a Republican, it’s about trying to be an innovator. … It’s very disappointing and frustrating that we are getting stonewalled like this. … I kinda scratch my head every single day and say I can’t believe this is happening.”

Falcone and Ahuja denied receiving special treatment from the White House or the FCC in their ongoing quest to become the nation’s first wholesale wireless broadband provider, according to Politico.

But some observers see things differently. Mike Baker, a political strategist and a former military officer, believes that this investigation needs to be taken to wherever or whomever it leads. He’s like to see a special prosecutor appointed. “This is a very important national security issue, not some politically-motivated witch hunt like the Valerie Plame-CIA case. But we all know that with the news media protecting this president, the chances of anything being done are slim or none,” he quipped. “First of all, we know what motivates politicians and big business. In the middle you have a career officer who is a four-star general. Whom would you believe? What’s in it for General Shelton to make up stories?” Baker asks. “Let’s hope General Shelton sticks to his guns and that more Pentagon and Justice Department officials decide enough is enough from this administration,” Baker added.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

“If an Air Force general blows the whistle on the Obama White House, does anyone in the media hear the corruption?”
General Shelton told lawmakers that he was pressured to be less than honest by the White House when he gives testimony before Congress.General Shelton told lawmakers that he was pressured to be less than honest by the White House when he gives testimony before Congress.

DoD File Photo
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Wait, How Did Pelosi Get in on the Visa IPO?

Big Government, by Mike Flynn

Last night, 60 Minutes aired its report on possible insider trading by Members of Congress. A principal focus of the report was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her participation in an IPO of Visa, one of the hottest IPOs in recent years. Reporter Steve Kroft questioned Leader Pelosi recently at a press conference about her investment and its possible impact on credit card legislation before the House during her term as Speaker.

I will have much more to say on this soon, as the legislative maneuvering around the recent credit card bill is a rich narrative and suggests there may be something to Kroft’s suspicions. For now, though, I have a more fundamental question: How did Nancy Pelosi get access to Visa’s IPO in the first place?

Participation in a stocks IPO, i.e. Initial Public Offering, is one of the more sought after trades on Wall Street. Often, an IPO investor is able to get into a stock at a relatively low price and realize an almost immediate gain once trading commences, especially if the IPO is “hot” or, rather oversubscribed, meaning more investors wanted shares than were available. Visa’s IPO was blockbuster-level “hot.” As reported byThe New York Times:

Visa‘s blockbuster initial public offering is currently oversubscribed for its expected trading start on March 20, Scott Sweet of the research firm IPO Boutique told MarketWatch.

Mr. Sweet told the publication that the I.P.O. is drawing “extreme demand.”

It is very difficult for any individual investors to participate in an IPO, as most of the shares are reserved for major brokerage clients, institutional investors and pension funds. It is so difficult, in fact, the SEC has published an “FAQ” on why it is so difficult for individual investors to participate in IPOs:

The underwriters and the company that issues the shares control the IPO process. They have wide latitude in allocating IPO shares. The SEC does not regulate the business decision of how IPO shares are allocated.

Somebody, somewhere decided to allow Nancy Pelosi-or her husband-participate in what was the most anticipated IPO that year. It could have been one of the underwriters selected by Visa to manage its IPO or it could have been Visa itself that awarded the Pelosis the coveted shares. Who was it? And, did they approach Pelosi or did Pelosi approach them?

In Politico’s attempt to white-wash the burgeoning scandal, they look past the IPO and simply report:

Paul Pelosi, husband of the then-speaker, bought $2 million worth of Visa stock in March 2008.

They completely fail to note or report that Paul Pelosi’s purchase of these shares was an opportunity that the overwhelming majority of investors didn’t have. How were he and his wife, then-Speaker of the House, so lucky?

It is an important question, because Politico does go on to note:

Under House rules, lawmakers are prohibited from using their official position “for personal gain.” This ban includes instances when a lawmaker uses “his political influence, the influence of his position … to make pecuniary gains” or take any official action that affects their own personal finances, the House Ethics Manual states.

So, again, how did Pelosi get access to Visa’s IPO? Did it have anything at all to do with her legislative position? Might be a question worth asking.

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6 bricklayers building a school killed in northern Mexico, 2 of them mutilated

Locator map for the state of Chihuahua within ...

Image via Wikipedia

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — Police have found the bodies of six bricklayers who were working on a new elementary school in the northern state of Chihuahua. Two of them were mutilated.

Chihuahua state prosecutors say in a Monday statement that the men were found Sunday in a rural area of the town of Bocoyna, where they were building a school.

Prosecutors say one man was decapitated and another had his hands cut off. All had their throats slit.

They said the men bled to death and were later shot. Authorities found 25 spent bullet casings at the scene.

Prosecutors didn’t have a motive or any suspects in the killings.

Chihuahua state is on the border with Texas and has seen a spike in violence as the Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels fight for control of lucrative smuggling routes.

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Occupy Portland Fortress, Shields, Barriers, Possible Weapons

Defense techniques implemented by the commies at Occupy Portland to deal with the police serving the eviction notice.

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Harper Tells Obama Canada Will Sell Oil to Asia Since His Administration Delayed Pipeline (Obama Loses Another 1 Million US Jobs)

Gateway Pundit
Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, November 14, 2011, 11:54 AM

The Keystone Pipeline project was expected to create up to 1,000,000 high-paying US jobs in the oil manufacturing and associated industries. The project itself would create20,000 construction jobs

But it was just a big pipe dream.

(Bob McCarty)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking at 2009...

Image via Wikipedia

Obama refused to sign the Keystone agreement last week. Today Canadian Prime Minister Harper told Obama that he would look to Asia to sell its oil.

The Republic reporteed, via Free Republic:

Canada’s prime minister says he made it clear in a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama that Canada will step up its efforts to sell oil to Asia since the Obama administration delayed a decision on an oil pipeline.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will continue to push the U.S. to approve the $7-billion Keystone XL project.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will continue to push the U.S. to approve the $7-billion Keystone XL project. Last week the U.S. State Department ordered that the pipeline be rerouted and subject to further environmental review, delaying a decision until 2013.

Harper says the U.S. move highlights why Canada must increase its efforts to diversify its exports to Asia. He says he communicated that clearly to Obama.

Nice work, Barack.

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FAIR Legislative Update November 14, 2011

USCIS Memo Helps Implement Backdoor Amnesty

Organizational chart of the United States Depa...

Image via Wikipedia

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a policy memo on November 7 to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in implementing the Obama Administration’s backdoor amnesty program.  This backdoor amnesty program began earlier this year when ICE announced through the Morton memos that it would selectively enforce immigration laws and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced she was establishing a new interagency working group dedicated to administratively closing pending and future deportation cases.

The stated goal of the newly released memo is to ensure that USCIS’s practice of directing people to appear in immigration court, through what are called “notices to appear” or NTAs, complements ICE’s goal of administratively closing cases it does not consider a priority.  (SeeUSCIS Policy Memo at pg. 1; see also Mar. 2 Morton memo for the list of priorities)  Thus, the USCIS memo creates new guidelines USCIS officials must consider when issuing a notice to appear to initiate removal proceedings against an alien. The new guidelines explain when USCIS personnel can unilaterally issue NTAs, and when USCIS must refer a case to ICE for ICE to determine whether an NTA will be issued. According to the memo, USCIS will issue an NTA when:

  • USCIS denies a request for an alien spouse to become a full legal permanent resident by removing what is called the “conditional” status of the green card (and an “egregious public safety crime” is not involved) (USCIS memo at § II.A);
  • USCIS denies a request by an alien who has invested in the EB-5 visa program to remove conditions of status (and an “egregious public safety crime” is not involved) (Id. at § II.B);
  • USCIS terminates or denies certain asylum or refugee benefits (Id. at §§ II.C, II.D, and II.E);
  • Fraud is formally part of an alien’s case record (and no criminal investigation resulting in criminal prosecution results) (Id. at § III).

For the vast majority of other circumstances where issuing an NTA would be considered, the memo provides that the USCIS must either: (1) refer the case to ICE; or (2) include ICE and its priorities in the NTA decision-making process.

Remarkably, under the new USCIS memo, the agency has relinquished its authority to unilaterally deny benefits to individuals in what are called “public safety cases.”  The memo provides that USCIS officials must refer to ICE almost all cases involving criminal offenses, whether they are “egregious public safety cases” or “non-egregious public safety cases.” (See Id. at § 4 and § 4.A.1(a-j) for entire list)  With respect to egregious public safety cases, USCIS must refer the case to ICE prior to making such a determination. However, if the alien is inadmissible or removable for a non-egregious public safety criminal offense, USCIS must adjudicate the alien’s petition or request beforereferring it to ICE.

Once USCIS refers a case to ICE, ICE has the sole authority to determine whether to institute removal proceedings by issuing an NTA.  (Id. at § 4) USCIS is prohibited from issuing an NTA if ICE declines to do so, and if ICE declines to deport an alien whose request for benefits may still be approved, USCIS must consult with ICE prior to adjudicating the case.

The new USCIS memo reflects how the Obama Administration is consolidating all decisions regarding immigration enforcement at the highest levels within the Department of Homeland Security.   In June, ICE announced through the Morton Memos that it would not enforce immigration laws against illegal aliens who do not have serious criminal convictions.  In August, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that Homeland Security and the Department of Justice would work together to administratively close deportation cases.  Two weeks ago, news broke that Homeland Security had ordered the Border Patrol to stop random inspections at transportation hubs along our nation’s borders. (See FAIR Legislative Update, Oct. 31, 2011) Now, USCIS the administrative arm of our immigration system—is itself relinquishing its authority to initiate removal proceedings and handing that authority to ICE.  Stay tuned to FAIR for more updates on Obama’s backdoor amnesty program…

Senators Defend State Immigration Laws

Senators Jim DeMint (R-SC), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), and David Vitter (R-LA) introduced a bill Thursday that would prohibit federal funding for Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuits seeking to invalidate state immigration enforcement laws. The bill provides that the federal government may not use taxpayer dollars to participate in any lawsuit seeking to overturn, enjoin, or otherwise invalidate existing state immigration enforcement laws. It then goes on to list the specific state laws the DOJ may not challenge, including: Oklahoma HB 1804; Missouri HB 390; Arizona SB 1070; Utah HB 497; Indiana SB 590 and HB 1402; Alabama HB 56; South Carolina S 20; and Georgia HB 87. (See Description of state immigration laws here.)

This legislation comes shortly after President Obama’s Justice Department sued South Carolina in an attempt to prevent its enforcement legislation from taking effect.  (See FAIR Legislative Update, Nov. 7, 2011)  U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, defended the DOJ’s lawsuits while appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. “In recent months, the department has challenged immigration related laws in several states that directly conflict with the enforcement of federal immigration policies,” he testified. “Not only would these laws divert critical law enforcement resources from the most serious public safety threats, they can lead to potentially discriminatory practices and undermine the vital trust between local jurisdictions and the communities that they serve.”

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint vowed to fight for his State’s legislation. In a joint statement with Senators Sessions and Vitter, he said: “It’s absurd that the Obama Administration, which has failed to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, is now stopping South Carolina, Alabama and Arizona from taking commonsense steps to protect citizens and uphold the lawSouth Carolina has a duty uphold the law and to protect our citizens from criminals who are in the country illegally.”  (See Press Release, Nov. 4, 2011)

Senate Passes Bill Relaxing Requirements for Members of Military

On Thursday, the U.S. Senate passed via a voice vote H.R. 398, a bill sponsored by House Immigration Subcommittee Ranking Member Zoe Lofgren (D-CA).  H.R. 398 would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to ease rules under which aliens who marry members of the U.S. military may become legal permanent residents.

Under current law, when a citizen marries a foreign national, the alien spouse is granted lawful permanent residence on a conditional basis for the first two years. (INA § 216(a)(1)) The government removes this conditional status only after it determines that the marriage is legitimate—a process that includes an interview during the 90-day period leading up to the two-year anniversary of obtaining (conditional) LPR status. (INA § 216(c)).  H.R. 398 suspends the 90-day period in which the citizen and spouse must complete the interview to remove the alien’s conditional status if the citizen (or the alien spouse) is a member of the U.S. military serving abroad. (H.R. 398 at § 1(a))

The House passed H.R. 398 nearly unanimously on August 1. (SeeVoting Record) President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law.

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Crony Capitalism and Energy Regulations

Big Business WatchBig Business is partnering with President Obama to regulate and tax carbon emissions. Major corporations have joined coalitions such as BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy) and USCAP (United States Climate Action Partnership) to advance regulations of fossil fuel based energy – coal, oil and natural gas – that currently provides about 85 percent of our country’s energy.

Below is a table that lists the companies that are members of BICEP and USCAP. By pushing for President Obama’s energy policy these companies are actively lobbying for regulations that will raise the cost of your gasoline and utility bills as well as cause jobs to move overseas.

Be aware that if you are buying any products from the companies listed below your money is being used to fund a lobbying effort that seeks to raise energy prices and lower your standard of living.

If you disagree with their effort to advance energy regulations, we urge you to voice your complaint by contacting the company and also by possibly deciding to buy a competitor’s product.

Companies Supporting Energy Regulations

Company Member Of Product(s) CEO
 Alcoa USCAP   Aluminum Producer  Klaus Kleinfeld
 Anvil Knitware, Inc  BICEP Textiles   Anthony Corsano
 Aspen Skiing Company  BICEP  Resorts  Mike Kaplan
 Best Buy  BICEP  Consumer Electronics  Brad Anderson
 Boston Scientific Corporation  USCAP  Medical Devices  J. Raymond
 Clif Bar & Company  BICEP Natural Foods  Gary Ericson/Kit Crawford
 The Chrysler Group USCAP  Automobiles  Sergio Marchionne
 The Dow Chemical Company USCAP  Chemicals  Andrew N. Liveris
 Duke Energy  USCAP  Gas and Electrical Services  James E. Rogers
 Dupont  USCAP  Chemicals  Ellen J. Kullman
 Ebay, Inc.  BICEP Online Retailer   John Donahoe
 Eileen Fisher  BICEP  Women’s Apparel  Eileen Fisher
 Exelon Corporation  USCAP Provider of Energy Services  John W. Rowe
 Ford Motor Company  USCAP  Automobiles  Alan Mulally
 NextEra Energy  USCAP  Electricity Provider  Lew Hay
 Gap Inc.  BICEP Apparel  Glenn Murphy
 General Electric  USCAP  Technology, Consumer Products and Finance  Jeffrey Immelt
 Honeywell  USCAP   Consumer Products, Engineering Services, Aerospace Systems  David Cote
 Johnson & Johnson  USCAP  Healthcare Products and Pharmaceuticals  William Weldon
 Levi Strauss & Co.  BICEP  Jeans and Casual Wear  John Anderson
 Nike  BICEP Shoes, Casual Wear   Mark Parker
 The North Face  BICEP  Outdoor Apparel and Gear  Steve Rendle
 NRG Energy, Inc.  USCAP  Energy Company  David Crane
 PepsiCo  USCAP  Beverages and Snack Foods  Indra Nooyi
 PG&E Corporation  USCAP Energy Based Holding Company  C. Lee Cox
 PNM Resources  USCAP  Energy Based Holding Company  Pat Vincent – Collawn
 Rio Tinto  USCAP  Mining and Resources Group  Tom Albanese
 Seventh Generation  BICEP  Cleaning, Paper and Personal Care Products  Chuck Maniscalco
 Shell  USCAP Energy and Petrochemicals   Peter Voser
 Siemens Corporation  USCAP  Energy, Healthcare, Applicances  Eric Spiegel
 Starbucks  BICEP  Coffee and Cafe Services  Howard Shultz
 Stonyfield Farm  BICEP  Organic Dairy and Health Food Gary Hirshberg
 Symantec  BICEP  Security Software  John W. Thompson
 Target Corporation  BICEP  Retail Consumer Products  Gregg Steinhafel
 Teton Gravity Research  BICEP  Sports Apparel and Products  Dave Gavitt
 Timberland  BICEP  Outdoor Wear  Jeff Swartz
 Weyerhaeuser USCAP  Building Materials and Paper Products  Daniel Fulton
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Brian Terry, the Border Patrol special agent whose death is at the center of the “Operation Fast and Furious” controversy, was honored at a Scottsdale fund-raiser Saturday night. KGUN reports that money from the silent auction fund-raiser will go toward the Terry family so that they may be able to attend upcoming hearings about Operation Fast and Furious as they continue to seek justice for their son.

The Arizona Republic notes that more than 300 people attended the event at Scottsdale International Auto Museum.

“We’re overjoyed. This is even bigger than we thought it would be,‘ Terry’s sister Kelly Willis said. ‘We’re here to celebrate Brian, and that‘s what’s happening.”

Terry was gunned down in the line of duty on December 14. 2010 near the ArizonaMexico border. Two rifles recovered following the late night gunfight with banditos were traced back to Operation Fast and Furious, a controversial federal gun-running investigation that allowed hundreds of weapons into Mexico.

Josephine Terry told The Republic last week that she holds the government partly responsible for her son’s death, and that her family is contemplating a lawsuit against the government.

Jay Dobyns, an ATF whistle-blower attending the event told KGUN “I work for an agency that allowed guns to slip through our fingers.“ Dobyns called the situation ”humiliating,” and adding to KGUN:

“‘I want to try to represent for the Terry family and be a voice for them,’ he said, ‘and no matter what comes from this event they would gladly trade it to have their son and their brother back.’”
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer also attended the event, saying of Terry “His memory is our eternal blessing.”

“Let us remember not today but always the fallen heroes like Brian Terry,” she said.

RememberBrianTerry.com posts information on fund-raising events to honor the slain Border Patrol Agent.

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Occupy Denver protesters invade conservative conference, one man arrested

By Marla Gillaspie

Examiner provided some of the excerpts.

Occupy Denver protesters attempted to “occupy” a conference of conservative bloggers Friday afternoon, but failed miserably.

BlogCon 2011, a conference held by FreedomWorks at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Denver, was scheduled to continue through Saturday, Nov 12.

The Denver Post reported that protesters first arrived at 2 pm, three hours earlier than originally scheduled.

The Post adds:

Attendees of Blogcon say they knew Occupy Denver was going to try to disrupt their conference because the group had advertised their intentions on Twitter.

This was the arrestee’s first mistake, barging into Tony Katz, All Patriots Media; live radio show and demanding that he sit and speak with him while on the air. He was promptly removed by hotel security and then continued on outside to shove a cop and that is when he was arrested. See the arrest, 2 videos below.

Tony Katz and Tabitha Hale interviewed by more MSM at Blogcon in Denver after the first occupy confrontation, 11/11/11 Denver

Tabitha Hale, new media director of the conference, said Blogcon was prepared for the onslaught and had purchased Milk Bones earlier in the day for Occupy Denver’s elected leader, a 3-year-old Border Collie named Shelby.

Another view of the arrest by Denver resident Nancy McKiernan, founder, Tea Party Brewing, caught this video as she went outside to check on her car that was parked directly in front of the hotel.
But the protesters got more than they bargained for.

John Hawkins of Right Wing News wrote:

They succeeded — but, not in the way they expected because after they started chanting, bloggers poured out of the conference to take pics and videos. Soon, there were 30 bloggers surrounding 15 Occupy people and chanting things like “We love Koch money” and “Breitbart, Breitbart!” There was lots of chanting, lots of yelling, and Steven Crowder got shoved by one of the female Occupiers.

According to Ed Morrissey of Hot Air:

The clash erupted before I had a chance to get too close to the Occupiers themselves.  They were briefly in sight, but got swallowed up by the BlogCon attendees. Frankly, the BlogCon response overwhelmed whatever the protesters tried to say — with chants of “Mike check!” and “We paid for your student loans!”, among others, the Occupiers got roundly shouted down. At one point, the entire BlogCon contingent in the lobby started chanting, “We want the dog!”, a reference to the elected leader of Occupy Denver — a pooch named Shelby.

In this clip, note that at the 0:31 sec mark the punk with the green hat walks behind Steve Crowder, wiping his nose on his back. Then at the 4:23 the heavy set blond woman tries to break for the door to enter the conference. At the 4:46 mark the same punk that wiped his nose on Steve Crowder’s back crawls on the floor and tries to break through to the door where Matt Arnold, Clear The Bench Colorado, stands holding up a Coke can symbolizing the anarchists/marxist/communists chants that the conference was brought to Denver by the Koch brothers.   Andrew Breitbart‘s editors and contributors held a heavy presence at the conference, reflecting the Chants by the bloggers Breitbart, Breitbart, Breitbart. In this video: Steve Crowder, StevenCrowder.net; Ben Howe, Mister Smith Media; Michael Sandoval, Peoples Press Collective; Larry O’Conner, Breitbart.tv; Dana Loesch, Big Journalism; John Notle, Big Hollywood.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit wrote that conference attendees “bought bars of soap to hand out as gifts.”

According to Hoft, conservative columnist “Michelle Malkin brought face masks for disease protection.”

In a separate report, Hoft said a teacher brought her students to the protest, allegedly to teach them about democracy:

A Denver high school teacher brought students to an Occupy Denver event for a field trip today where they joined Occupy Denver activists as they storm the BlogCon conference. The teacher said she was showing them how democracy worked.

The teacher was too ashamed to give her name or the name of the private girls school she teaches at.

Morrissey adds that as the protesters left the lobby, bloggers began singing “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”

But the protesters returned and began chanting outside the hotel.  Hawkins reported:

Occupy Denver came back and again, I don’t think it came off like they expected. There were more of them this time and it was outside the hotel instead of inside. They did their chants, bloggers came out, we mixed in. They chanted, we chanted, someone offered them soap and it was quasi-friendly as we started. Emily Zanotti and I even got a pic in the middle of the scrum. But, as they moved on, some chick shoved Steven Crowder and bellied up to him like she wanted to fight, which was perfectly ridiculous. Then there was a threat to kill him and a bunch of angry comments as they stormed off.

Tina Korbe of Hot Air added:

Personally, my favorite moment of the conference counter-protest came when one blogger shouted over the crowd, “Who here gets Koch money?” To which another blogger responded by raising a Coke can high over the crowd. Laughs all around — although I’m pretty sure the Occupiers didn’t get the joke.

A post at Ace of Spades concludes: “What they are angry at is, ultimately, the universe itself for giving them life but not giving them ability.”

On Saturday Keith W Peterson of Hear Us Now and Elliot Fladen did a great job confronting the Occupy Denver anarchists.

And later that night Ben Howe, Mister Smith Media; was over at Civic Center Park to watch the eviction process of the Occupiers after months of little or no action on the parts of Governor Hickenlooper or Mayor Hancock. Good job Governor and Mayor for letting this get so out of hand that it came to violence before you had it shut down, let alone the expense to taxpayers of the clean up, overtime paid to law enforcement and extra security detail to maintain peace.

There is much more video over at Breitbart.com and Breitbart.tv if you haven’t heard and seen enough from the “useful idiots” yet.

In conclusion, do you think the anarchists/marxists/communists really thought it through when they decided to crash Bloncon11, a technology conference for bloggers all packed to the hilt with video cameras, laptops and the networks and technology to move it quickly out onto the internet?

I wouldn’t exactly call these people brainiacs.

Thanks to Occupy Denver for the most successful BlogCon11 Conference ever. 

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